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Dual Vocational Training in Germany

What is dual education in Germany really?

Doing a Dual FP in Germany means that you have found a job in a company that has accepted you as an apprentice. A labor contract is signed and you are paid for your work done, you are listed in SS accumulated for unemployment and your retirement. However you are a worker in learning. Your stay in your company is combined with visits to practical and theoretical schools which are responsible for completing your knowledge so that after training you are a specialist in your trade.

In this way, from day one you are sharing your profession with colleagues and bosses and you "live the company", regardless of the theoretical knowledge you need to learn in the classroom.

Of course, during the formative years you will have an intermediate exam and a final exam.


How much money do I earn in dual training?

And then?

When you finish your training you will receive an official title valid throughout Germany and with prestige throughout Europe and if both parties agree on a job offer to continue working in the company as a qualified professional.

90% of apprentices are offered a permanent job in the company where you did the training.

All companies in Germany will offer you extensive opportunities to promote yourself at work.

The master's degree, a university-dual degree, the limits are set by your ambitions.

What you will need is to be able to speak German at a B.1 level.

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