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Developing tools to compensate for structural disadvantage is at the core of EmBrand.

The project intends to create a professional training offer for managers of SMEs, dealing with the development of human resources.

EmBrand tries to align interests between supply and demand.

On the one hand, the job market, by presenting young people with career opportunities in SMEs. On the other hand, it will try to define ways to qualify the staff of SMEs to improve their image in the labor market.

Innovative ways to attract school leavers for learning and/or skilled workers for skilled work will be outlined.

Particular emphasis will be given to consideration in the exchange of placement methods and tools for SMEs on how they can better compete with large companies.

Information will also be exchanged on how to improve the image of the (construction) sector or at least instrumentalize it for SMEs to attract VET workers.

EmBrand's target groups are employers, SME human resource managers, company managers (foremen, site managers) and trainers from companies and vocational training centers and the like.

EmBrand is applied in the context of ERASMUS+ (ie vocational education and training) - the project leaders are the Construction Industry Training Centers.

You can get more information on the project website.

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