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Early childhood educators for Germany

About the project


During the last 5 years at the International Training Center (IFC group) we have carried out the recruitment of professionals in the educational field for different German cities.

Only in the last two years we have changed the lives of more than 200 early childhood educators.

We collaborate with various nursery schools that are very aware of promoting the autonomy of the little ones using different methodologies such as the Montessori, Pickler, Waldorf method and many more.


Some of our destinations




Cologne (Köln)



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Image by Stefan Widua




The phases of the project


informative talk about the project. 


selection day with group dynamics and individual interview.


Face-to-face German course in Madrid for a duration of 6 months. 


TELC B2 exam in Madrid.


Move to Germany and start your new life.



Charles, Bonn

I'm loving it. everyone is super nice and attentive and the kids are great! I am super happy!


Andrea, Frankfurt

My name is Andrea and I came to Frankfurt on October 4, 2019. The truth is that since I was little I always told my family that I was going to work abroad no matter what, so you can imagine how happy I was when I saw that my dream was finally coming true.

Obviously, despite the desire I had to start everything, I was also very afraid. The fear we always have when we face something unknown. The first weeks I did a bit of tourism, I got to know the city etc., in short, I made the most of every day.

In the middle of the month was when I started working. Again, fear appeared, especially because of the language, but after a few months I finally adapted wonderfully and gave thanks every day for being able to work on what I had studied.

To this day, I still think that it was one of the most important decisions I have made in my life and one that I will never regret. Here I have met wonderful new people, I have continued to improve my German, I have gained more experience working and I have grown a lot more as a person.


Stephanie, Monchengladbach

In meiner Kita, sind wir alle ein Team. As you will learn and it will make you very funny, the word SUPER here is for everything fantastic that you see.

You work, and you work a lot, I'm not going to lie to you, but the hours don't weigh on me, because every second you're at work you learn, you learn from the boys and girls and from all the people I have by my side. They have accepted me just the way I am.

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